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Businesses need to have secure emergency exit systems in place. There have been several instances when people had to suffer due to improper security systems installed in their offices. Emergency exit systems are now a mandate in public buildings all across the world. Push bars are one of the most commonly used security solutions.

Fountain Park MO Locksmith Store is a reputed locksmith service provider in  area that has been helping clients with push bar installations. With more than ten years of experience in dealing with business security requirements, our technicians are experts in dealing with commercial lock and key issues.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when installing emergency exits:

The type of device used:

It is crucial that the right kind of device is selected for exit. In places where there is a lot of foot traffic, it can help to install push bars .

The placement of escape doors

Escape doors must be visible and easy to access by the users. Avoid arrow doors and have the doors close to the main zones of the building.

Safety and security

Installing poor quality exit hardware just to comply with the exit installation may cost you a lot later on. These low-quality doors may not function when they should function and may not hold well against burglars. When it is about the security system of your property, remember to always choose quality over anything else.

Seek Fountain Park MO Locksmith Store’s expertise:

Fountain Park MO Locksmith Store St. Louis, MO 314-561-8032With more than ten years of experience in handling all kinds of locks requirements in businesses, our experts possess the technical wisdom to handle it well. Whether it’s the installation of high end security systems or placement of push bars on exit doors, our technicians have designed customized plans for all kinds of business establishments. We also provide maintenance and repair work to ensure that your business does not violate any norms and have the best exit systems in place.

At Fountain Park MO Locksmith Store we work 24/7 so no matter what time you need our assistance, we can come over to your office and provide you the services you need. We also offer emergency locksmith services. Apart from push bar installation, if there is anything else that you need our help with, just contact us and our techexperts will be in your business premises in less than 20 minutes.

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